Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tyranny of Oil

Author of "The Tyranny of Oil", Antonia Juhasz, spoke at King's Books in Tacoma not too long ago. I used to live right behind the bookstore, so when she came I recorded the talk, and spiced it up with archived footage and video from oil industry commercials and propaganda. At any rate, I hope you like this 26-minute piece.

  • Website for the book, "The Tyranny of Oil"
  • Website which Antonia is a contributor, The Oil Drum.

The video footage comes from lots of places, most notably the documentary about Enron, "The Smartest Guys in the Room" - and the PBS Frontline documentary, "Heat". I also used an old VHS program called "Economics USA: Monopolies". Here is a list of the music tracks I used.
  • Burial, "Prayer"
  • Skream, "Midnight Request Line"
  • Greg Merrell, "Clash Valian"
  • Benga, "Wobblers"
  • N-Type, "Quantum (remix)"
  • Thomas Felhman, "Feat"
  • Skream, "Stagger"

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