Wednesday, August 06, 2008


At the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions I wrote press releases, created videos, and of course, posted stuff here. I traveled to both conventions with the PepperSpray film collective based in Seattle. We worked closely (until we were jailed) with the producer of to create a 10-15 minute show each day about resistance to mainstream agendas which was aired on Free Speech TV (all of which are posted below). Our primary goal was to present leftism in general as a viable option in the face of spectacular coverage of the Republicans and Democrats by the mainstream media. Afterward we created a short documentary about the conventions called Ground Noise and Static. (We didn't have the time to perfect it; and it's certainly lacking in some areas.)

Our friends from the Glass Bead Collective from NYC stayed in St. Paul during the Republican National Convention for almost three months and created a very compelling documentary called Terrorizing Dissent. A lot of the action footage in Terrorizing Dissent from the first day was filmed by Yours Truly up until I was thrown in jail for two days (with pepper spray still on my face when I got out and a fat bruise on my leg). I was booked for "felony rioting", and another journalist from PepperSpray was arrested and jailed for "throwing feces" at officers (which never happened, it's police/media propaganda). Eight of the RNC protest organizers are, to this day, being charged with "conspiracy to riot in the furtherance of terrorism".

They need us we don't need them!




  • Dispatch #2, anarchists take over the streets of St. Paul!

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Thanks for all this awesome coverage.

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