Thursday, April 13, 2006

No Need for Armor, Just Tea

You and I are great souls.
We come together for a time.
And we shall meet over a cup of tea!
Shall we leave our shell and join with each other?
Shall we put down our shield and armor?
What will become of us if we do?
What horrible fate awaits us if we are defenseless?
Tea is a time for love and tenderness without fear.
It is a time for sharing and learning and growing.
Come now, leave the battle gear behind.
Brave with me and let's have tea!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No need for armor or shields,
just tea please.

Is it possible to brave tea again with you?
To steep in the strong currents of deep red something of hibiscus flowers and peppermint for clarity and clarvorence.
To sip the steamy brewed fresh cup of tea again?
And expect nothing but tea-ness?
May we try again to brave tea once again?

Leave our armor and our shields aside and speak the deep blueberry colors of truth.
whatever the tea asks of us,
whatever the brewing artistry engages us for the time being.
And while we gently take in the warmth, to soothe our aching bodies and mouths.
just to be again in a world of tea to brave the warmth and the coldness that makes tea oh so delish--
May we try again? Mayhaps,
if we all have the brillance of tea awareness and clarity of who we are

only then can we find our love of tea once more.