Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why I Am Opposed to "Tourism"

This sounds like a simple statement but too many tourists do not understand it: mass tourism defeats the purpose of seeing places as they have been created by people and nature. I prefer to see things the way they really are: deathly, destructive, and ugly. Traveling to lesser developed places and observing how people live in poverty appeals to me. So does thanatourism, which is related to historical places of death and grief, like Dachau. But Dachau itself is a rather attractive place for tourists. The tourist industry, which is largely sponsored by strong interventionist states, tries too hard to accommodate Westerners by giving them the same luxuries they expect in their white suburban homes. Five-star hotel infrastructures must be erected to serve the rich and seasonable men and women in skirts and flip-flops. All this infrastructure is boring and pointless. The tourist critical mass would travel anywhere as long as there is a golf resort. So why go someplace far away when they're all over the Everglades?

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