Friday, July 27, 2007


From an animal welfare point of view, dogfighting is one of the most serious forms of animal abuse. The dogs often suffer their entire lives from wounds and constant violence. A losing dog whose fighting potential is severely damaged is usually put to death by strangulation, drowning, hanging, gun shot, electrocution, or by some other method. "Bait" animals are often used to test a dog's fighting ability and instinct. For example, trainers might use smaller dogs, or cats, or rabbits as bait for fighting dogs. The National Humane Society reports that some dog's snouts are duct-taped to prevent them from biting back at dogs in training.

The secret culture of dog fighting is usually directed related to gang involvement and community violence. Dog fighting events are indeed criminalized, and so naturally at these events other criminal organizing takes place: drug distribution, racketeering, and other criminal enterprises. Just recently, American football player Michael Vick plead guilty to running a dogfighting ring which was conducted across state lines. At his ring was discovered piles of bloody carpet, and "rape stands" which are used to force unwilling female pit bulls mate. Michael Vick's losing dogs were allegedly executed by being crushed or by electrocution. This is certainly cruel and unusual, and this is why protesters quickly gathered outside the National Football League's HQ in New York. Michael Vick ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which is five years in prison and $250,000 in restitution, and this practice ought to be ended everywhere.


Linda dog lover said...

Hi, I can't believe that no one has commented on this article, and this horrific issue. We as a society, and human beings are responsible for the care of innocent animals that can not protect themselves.
If we don't stand up and say something or do something this kind of cruelty will continue unchallenged. These people need to know it is not right and they can not get away with animal abuse.

Alberto said...

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David said...

Things like this makes you wonder who is the animal. Insane that humans in this modern day are capable of such atrocities.

Vick should have got the maximum of 5 years.

Calder said...

This picture is revealing an evil side of humans. To torture animals in this way is beyond anything I thought possible. we all need to end animal torture--and of course one hopes we can stop torturing each other and all living beings. The penalty for dog fighting should be far more than 250,000... a message needs to be sent to the sick individuals who engage in this type of evil--the penalty should be at least 500,000 and then force the individuals who do this to undergo therapy and then go back and be part of stopping this. This is a human problem,too-if people are willing to treat animals this way they are also bound to inflict pain on other living beings creatures like friends,family,and children.