Friday, August 24, 2007

Dominant Themes and Discourses

Sex, enemies and America.

Sex and enemies, enemies and America. America and sex.

A few concepts. Sex and concepts.

"The American Way."

Everything is destined to reappear as conservatism. Telephone conversations as telephone recordings, al-Qaeda as the political scenario, library records as evidence, terrorism as fashion and the media, events as television. Things only seem to exist by virtue of this strange destiny. You wonder whether the world itself isn't just here to serve as the American guest in some other world.

When the only sense of security is created by collateral damage, the only beauty by the American way, the only opinion by way of the opinion poll.... and now, with the invocation of political utility, we are encouraged to protect our nation by torturing and squeezing out elements of 'the other' in our midst.

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