Thursday, January 31, 2008

Caffeinated Nihilism

Perhaps it is only chemical arrangements within the brain that cause nihilism, or political pollyannaism, and everything in between. Perhaps even our convictions themselves can be traced to millions of movements of afferents carrying messages from the Politburo to our central nervous system. Over the last years studies have shown "leftist" and "right-wing" brains are different. The more liberal the more likely you are to deal well with conflicts. And that's why we ought to have a revolution, since it is the most radical thing to do, and only radicals can deal well with it. But let us not forget to get extremely caffeinated first. Caffeine and red wine in particular can transcend that abysmally nihilistic corner we have backed ourselves into and goad us into action. (Or make us want to kills ourselves quickly, whichever you prefer.) What do conservatives eat that make them single-minded, stodgy, status-quo mongers? Which leads me to my next question, is the world on caffeine any less true than the world on bacon or starch?


Muser said...

I enjoyed this one. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Yes, the film of "The Color Purple" is good. Because it's by Spielberg, it's a very "pretty" film, but it's faithful to the book and nicely paced.

Nathan said...

Well, a little more red wine or caffeine couldn't hurt. Coca-Cola don't label their drinks red for nothing you know.

Anonymous said...

You are what you eat. You are NOT what you drink.