Sunday, April 13, 2008

Botany of Desire

This light-starved parsley is on the far side of my apartment, bending like an acrobat to reach the window. Look at it go!

Here is another angle:

One day when the world is too hot for humans to inhabit my entire house will look like this.


Acumensch said...

BTW, "Botany of Desire" is a book by Michael Pollan which describes the world from "a plant's-eye view". It's an interesting read if anyone's interested.

JCD said...

I liked the botany of desire except for some of Pollan's evolutionary excesses. The chapter on apples was great -- I never knew that Johnny Appleseed was essentially spreading orchards of hard cider! His other book, In Defense of Food, is pretty good as well, insofar as you continue to correct for the excesses his reasoning as it relates to evolution.

Also: get that plant some light.

Muser said...

Track down Rita Dove's poem, "Parsley." You'll be amazed.