Sunday, March 29, 2009

Understanding Media...

"Obama sets new standard for managing the news". - McClatchy Newspaper.

In the past week, Obama has done the following.

  1. Spoke with Iranians through video conferencing.
  2. Spoke to viewers of a Latin American music awards ceremony through video conferencing.
  3. Appeared on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show".
  4. Appeared on "60 Minutes".
  5. Wrote an opinion column that appeared in newspapers around the world.
  6. Held a prime-time news conference aired on television.
  7. Held an online town hall meeting.

A former Google manager is Obama's new director of "citizen participation". Obama has directors of new media, directors of online programs, broadcast media, regional media,
African-American media, Hispanic media, research, and "message events". All of this has created - in the words of McClatchy - a "symbiotic government-media relationship".

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