Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oh, youtube...

I have one YouTube account that has over 60 videos. Some of my more politically-charged videos get commented on several times a day. Many of them are recurring viewers. Yet the English-speaking people of YouTube, which is more broadly, the English-speaking people of this planet, are so incredibly and insanely idiotic that I must admit that I have given up hope for them. It is no use responding to each of their comments anymore. With such a high volume of comments, it becomes pointless to debate with each one. After the videos started to gain popularity, I thought it was a great opportunity to educate the falsely ideological masses. But this has proven to be an extremely difficult task. Not to mention conservative bloggers like Michelle Malkin from Fox News have subscribed to the account's feed. Thus whenever she links to any of the videos, thousands of her pusillanimous posters are routed to my content. Most of the outrageous traffic has come from her blog, Hot Air.

In some sense perusing these comments keeps me in touch with the extremely barbaric undertones of American culture. People have said they want to kill the protesters in the videos. People argue that I should be beaten and thrown in jail for making propaganda. It is for this reason that I have extreme contempt for the world of YouTube. Everything has receded into violent idiocy. I try to maintain order in conversing with many of the viewers. But many are virtually incapable of understanding another person's perspective. This has been so basic for me that when I must face the world's lunatics I am overwhelmed by what appears to be Sisyphean task.

Perhaps now is the appropriate time to throw down the towel. That heavy ball is too much to juggle up an infinitely steep hill. In fact, it's greater than just a steep hill. It's wall of ignorance that cannot be surmounted.

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Liam Rosen said...

Well if there's one thing that can help, it's teamwork. I'll start perusing the comment pages more often.