Sunday, February 03, 2008

Police State Police State Police State

From the NYTimes:

In the first counterterrorism strategy of its kind in the nation, roving teams of New York City police officers armed with automatic rifles and accompanied by bomb-sniffing dogs will patrol the city’s subway system daily...
New York City might be the most heavily-patrolled police city in the United States. Officers with high-powered rifles and MP5s already patrol above-ground sites like the Empire State Building and the National Guard patrols NYC and New Jersey train systems with heavily-powered weapons. The article notes that police will patrol the subways in 12 hours shifts starting next month.

Not since World War Two's massive internments have we seen local police forces teaming up with ICE raids and Homeland Security as much as we have seen in the last five years. The 404-6 marginal acceptance of bills like HR 1955 and ideologically-based violence against protesters point in a dismal direction. The U.S. military's development and use of civilian control technologies like Active Denial Systems and other directed-energy weapons make the government's control (ideological and physical) very possible and real. I recall last weekend at the West Coast Journalism Conference in L.A. Salvadoran journalist Roberto Lovato saying, "I've never seen the United States look so much like El Salvador in my life!"


Anonymous said...

Too bad they won't kick his ass back to El Salvador

Acumensch said...

Um. Wow. Well actually Mr. Lovato was born in the United States, thus making him a US citizen. I imagine you advocate massive pogroms against Hispanic migrant workers, and whoever else looks brown to you. And I suppose that's how our dismal future will be: citizens and non-citizens regardless of their status will be rounded up by the millions and deported. And these policies will be driven by maniacal racist fanatics like yourself.

CNN/YouTube: "What do you dislike most about America?"

Romney: "Gosh, I love America."