Saturday, May 10, 2008

How Dramaturgs Use Wikis

I produced another instructional technology video, this time about Professor Geoff Proehl's Theatre Arts Department Wiki, which you can find at Their department uses MediaWiki software, the same software Wikipedia uses, to work collaboratively on dramaturgical texts and share ideas. The first text that wiki was used for was A Midsummer Night's Dream in 2006. The American dramaturgy community, working across the nation from Seattle and Los Angeles to New York on such texts, is finding wikis helpful for many of its collaborations, so this is an important trend. I use Wikispaces for various collaborations of my own - Wikispaces is free and incredibly easy to setup. My friend Daniel is in China at the moment and we're using wikispaces to write a zine article together.

Dramaturgy Northwest is the other website featured in the video. It hosts an important chronology and history archive for the Literary Managers & Dramaturgs of America (or LMDA.)

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