Friday, June 27, 2008

What is asd?

asd is just a three letter word.

asd doesn't stand for any of the following:

... ambidextrous slave droid
... alternative society dreaming
... ankle sock drawer
... anywhere sex doll
... [alt] [save] [delete]
... ask someone dumb
... aggregate supply (dys)function
... angry step-dad
... alpha systems down

asd can't be explained by any other asd.

asd is an incomplete semiotic language.

asd just is.

asd is just a word.

asd is not an art style or a movement.

think of asd as being more like dsa.

asd is not a palindrome.

asd couldn't fail to disagree with you less.

asd is kind of like a joke too.

asd is not better than anything else.

asd is also what you got for Christmas when you really wanted jkl.

asd has nothing in common with jkl.

asd has no theoretical foundations.

asd is not a paradox, really.

asd is a paradigm that qwerty thinks is true.

asd is only true if you ask it a question, like, asd?

asd likes it when you yell loud.

asd is almost in a way like this.

you won't find asd on the internet.

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