Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Videos

I'm created this section to link archived independent media projects, art video, and instructional technology interviews I've worked on in the past.

  1. "Indymedia Presents"
    1. Kill Your TV. A public service announcement.
    2. A Brief History of the G8. An 11-minute piece outlining the failures and hubris of the Group of Eight Summits, including submitted videos from activists at the 34th Summit in Hokkaido, Japan.
    3. Funny Interviews With Pro-War Demonstrators. Interviews with Fox News listeners in MTV VJ style.
    4. Anti-Union Firing, Picket Line Staged. Security worker is fired for supporting the International Longshore and Warehousing Union.
    5. Docu-Short About Immigration and the Police State. Video about the End Game plan to out all illegal immigrants from the US by 2012, and focusing on the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.
    6. Living Wages for Worker-Affordable Housing. Interviews with activists about gentrification issues pertaining to condominiums being built in the urban district.
    7. Reality Check. Seattle raptivist "Son of Nun" waxing lyrical about activists and activism.
    8. False Consciousness, False Activity. A sober look at college students campaigning for Obama, with written commentary.
    9. Army of None: A Televisual Montage. A kind of photo-video-blog with author of military counter-recruitment book.
    10. Labor Solidarity for Maersk Security Workers. Security workers not allowed to join a union of their choice, violations of labor laws, etc.
    11. Give Peace a Chance: Tacoma Police Riot camera #1. A riot I had filmed in March of 2007 at the Port of Tacoma where large amounts of military supplies were being transported to Iraq for the "Surge" plan.
    12. Give Peace a Chance: Tacoma Police Riot camera # 2. Another angle of the same riot at the Port of Tacoma.
    13. Tacoma Police Riot: Rubber Bulleted. The same fascist rioting that went on for nearly 4 days out of a 12-day protest.
    14. Interview with Detective about Tacoma Police Riot. Interview with the spokesperson and detective from the Tacoma Police Department, who made false accusations about the police riot.
    15. Film is Not a Crime. My own "arrest" at the Port of Tacoma, which was allegedly for filming in a bad location.
    16. Film is Not a Crime King 5 Interview. When professors I knew well heard about my "arrest" they urged TV news stations to interview me, which they did.
    17. Port Militarization Resistance: Peppersprayed in Olympia. Shipments of military supplies moving to and from the Port of Olympia, the highly-politicized capitol of Washington State.
    18. Can Police Film at Protests? As a lawyer from the National Lawyer's Guild explains, no they cannot.
    19. About Riots: Thoughts on Riot Culture. A member of Students For a Democratic Society explains what he thinks regarding 'riot culture' at the Port of Tacoma.
    20. Oct. 27th End the War Seattle. A large march in Seattle as part of a "National Day of Action" against the Occupation of Iraq.
    21. Lt. Ehren Watada. The highest-ranking military officer to refuse deployment to Iraq, based in Fort Lewis, WA. Here are some clips and explanations of his intentions.

  2. Instructional Technology and Education.
    1. How Dramaturgs Use Wikis. Interview with Professor Geoff Proehl about their Theatre Arts Department wiki.
    2. Using YackPack. Interview with Chinese instructor Lotus Perry about software that enables students to turn in digital audio assignments.
    3. Leet Google Haxor Tutorial. A humorous and fast-paced action tutorial on how to be a leet google haxor.
    4. Politics and Government Blog. Interview with Professor Patrick O'Neil about his department's blog.

  3. Art Videos.
    1. Billy Collin's Poetry. Two very popular visual poetry videos I created celebrating Billy Collin's poems.
    2. Sunrise with Coglings. An bizarre experimental video using cut-out effects, Second Life, and audio experimentation.
    3. A Brief Bright Flash of Red Light. A 48-hour film festival video about a drug pusher who has some 'miscommunication' with his dealer's girlfriend.
    4. Fluxus Film no. 1: Desert of the Real. A fluxus film explaining concepts of the Internationale Situationiste.
    5. Flux Film no. 2: Splash! A very short experimental fluxus video.
    6. The Answer and the Betrayal. A short video about religion and television.
    7. Social Realism in Chemnitz. A montage of communist street art scenes in Chemnitz, Germany.
    8. Death and the Maid. Film about a maid who cleans up dead bodies and then talks to them.
    9. A Cyborg Manifesto. An anime interpretation of Donna Haraway's A Cyborg Manifesto.
    10. On Civil Disobedience. Artsy video of dissidents explaining their reasons for opposing the police state.

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