Friday, September 12, 2008

"We Must Win the War on Terror"

Join forces with the Republican National Committee and together defeat al Qaeda!

Years later (doubtfully) Americans will look back on this era and shrug their shoulders, maybe even laugh. Fuck, I am laughing right now. This propaganda is so hard to believe, personally, given that anti-Republican protesters are actually being charged with "conspiracy to riot in the furtherance of terrorism" under the Minnesota version of the Patriot Act.

"Definitely the gloves have come off," a Bush aid said, referring to the recent wave of raids against suspected terrorists in Pakistan, without asking permission from Pakistan. Under the Bush dictum that America will wage war on "the terrorists and countries that harbor them", I suppose this means Washington is now at war with Pakistan. It's all part of President Bush's "11th hour effort" to hammer al Qaeda, the protesters, and sneak in crafty bits of legislation and other surprises to be unveiled at a later time.

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