Thursday, November 06, 2008

Now is a good time for Propaganda

I think now is a good time for propaganda. Because we have a new president, people are yearning for new ideas. Thanks to Jonathan McIntosh from Rebellious Pixels for this 10-minute culture jamming exercise which reveals the infinite possibilities and rebellious pleasures trapped and hidden by a social system dependent on the unending supply of self-reinforcing knowledge. As if inspired by a dream or a day dream, Rebellious Pixels' videos draw out the "secret appeal from within" that the surrealists praised as moments of "objective chance". Culture-jamming activity at its best - investigating the attitudes, interests, and environments that give way to the eruption of political surrealism.


Anonymous said...

Nice post, one quick things though, the remix video says it is by Jonathan McIntosh not Josh, might want to fix that if you get a chance.

a social storm is approaching us said...

We love your blog.

The next time we're in Tacoma or you're in Olympia we should talk about projects in Puget Sound.

Social Rupture

Acumensch said...

Social Rupture, yes totally, let's collaborate on something! Send me a message when you'll be in Tacoma and I'll send you one when if I'm in Olympia.