Sunday, December 30, 2007

Google Zeitgeist 2007

Following the end-of-the-year blog fascination with the "Top 10 List" meme, here is a list of the highest-ranking Google searches for 2007, via Google Zeitgeist, with some pretentious answers for each query.

1) Most popular search on Google News: American Idol

American idol is the holy grail of counter-subversive pop iconography.

2) Most searched-for TV show: Heroes

Heroes is the collective myth of post 9/11 abjection.

3) Most searched-for movie: Transformers

Transformers are the Adolf Eichmanns of Astral America.

4) Fastest-rising US search: iPhone

The iPhone is the scalped-head of commodity fetishism.

5) Fastest-rising global search: iPhone

Did you hear what I said? The iPhone is the evil cookie jar of Buy Nothing Day!

6) Most-searched lawsuit: Borat lawsuit

This is the funniest thing that ever happened to a racist, sexist, British comedian.

7) Most searched "Who is...?": Who is God?

God is the buttery nipple of drunken metaphysics.

8) Most searched-for presidential candidate: Ron Paul

Ron Paul is the fifth wheel of relentlessly dichotomous political structures.

9) Most searched "How to...?": How to kiss

Kissing is a discourse between sexual iconography and evolutionary development. The first time you try it should be on MDMA.

10) Most searched "What is...?": What is love?


1 comment:

Ortho said...

Insightful observations. I agree everyone should experience their first kiss on ecstasy. It's an intense sensory experience. But now, many kisses later, I prefer to smooch on acid. It's out of this world!