Sunday, March 16, 2008

Funny Interviews with Pro-War Demonstrators

As much as conservatives like to pout about scruffy-haired anti-war college students, why is it that I can never get a conservative to call me that face to face? Today I put together this video with a friend while at an anti-war demonstration yesterday which shut down a military recruiting center in Tacoma, WA. The conservatives scoured the anti-war webpages and filled them with nonsensical cheers and bravado. The local FoxNews talk radio station urged all the leather bikers in Washington to meet in Tacoma to show up the moonbattish hippies. So clearly the anti-war voice was going to be outnumbered. If you couldn't guess already, they're pretty ridiculous and have some of the most misconstrued ideas about sources of information, international relations, cultural intelligence, authority, military use of force, and pretty much everything else you wouldn't need a college degree in order to to understand.

If you're curious as to why I spoke in an accent, which was German not Estonian by the way, it was to see how sensitive conservatives were to white foreigners. De Tocqueville wrote in Democracy in America that Americans were always more sensitive to the comments of outsiders than their fellow compatriots. There are a number of reasons why this is so. At any rate, being a somewhat naive Estonian exchange student provided the opportunity to be persuasive in a relatively unnoticeable way. But I suppose it also pointed out the cultural intelligence of those whom I questioned.

I hope you enjoyed the video.


Mike Beggs said...

Haha, that's funny man.

JCD said...

Heh: nicely done.

People need to turn off their radios and televisions. Good god. Fox news: FAIR AND BALANCED!

Acumensch said...

Thanks a lot, I've been getting messages from other students and they find it pretty funny as well. Also, one alum in Switzerland said they used footage from Tacoma for international coverage on the March 15th demonstrations. I'm impressed with our little city of 250,000.

NineInchNachos said...

Nice work sir. Are you going to be sticking around Tacoma after college? This city needs more agitators.

Also, here is an old political cartoon inspired by your run in with the TPD

Acumensch said...

Thanks! Yes I saw that political cartoon a while back it's hilarious! When I went to the port that day I wasn't trying to agitate though, unlike the latest video. I have my mood swings. I'm sure we'll see more gadflies in Tacoma as time rolls on. I'm planning on moving to the East Coast after school though. Nothing finalized yet.

Acumensch said...

Oh that's your cartoon is it!!! If so thanks!!! I like the fact that we have a great political cartoonist!!