Monday, August 18, 2008

All That Disruption

In 1968 the protesters said they came to the Democratic National Convention to cause disruption. Those disruptions in the streets have had more of an impact on American culture than did the other issues involved at the convention itself, such as the seating of racially-mixed delegates, credential and platform battles, and even the Democratic Party's nomination of Hubert Humphrey as their candidate for president - who lost to Nixon's landslide victory.

Today disruption in the streets is happening everywhere. Most of these disruptions are in fact not even covered by the mainstream media. If you don't believe this, read a blog like "Bombs and Shields", which keeps track of anarchistic disruptions and similar events happening almost each day worldwide. Or read a similar blog "Social Rupture" which has been keeping more up to date with such activities. Direct action against the state is happening all around us, yet we are hardly aware of its pervasiveness. We have become immune to disruption.


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