Sunday, August 24, 2008

FOX News' obsession with Ward Churchill

The mission of FOX News at the Democratic National Convention is to dismiss our protest as though we are kooks, crazies, "violent anarchists", etc. Make no mistake about it.


That's what one of the radical group's 'security guards' said to a FOX News reporter who demanded an interview with Ward Churchill at a rally today on the Denver capitol steps. The reporter ran up to Churchill while another person was speaking at the podium and shouted "Why is America an imperialist country?? Mr. Churchill, why is America an imperialist country!!!"

Everybody turned their heads to the scene FOX News was creating, while a former Black Panther was trying to speak about gentrification.

The FOX propagandist said in his news brief that he was just asking "the hard questions". Of course, Churchill spent his entire speech talking about US imperialism, but the reporter insisted that he needed to have a 1-on-1 session with him and insisted that Ward explain imperialism to FOX viewers who probably have no idea what that even means. Churchill also was harassed by Bill O'Reilly a few years back as he explained what he meant by "Little Eichmanns" in his 2001 essay, "On the Justice of Roosting Chickens".

So naturally, Churchill said emphatically he didn't want to talk to FOX. And the security then told FOX to get lost. But the FOX reporter insisted that it was his "right" as a journalist to interview Ward Churchill, or whoever he wanted essentially. Since this is total fucking bullshit, a group of people surrounded the reporter and shouted "FUCK FOX NEWS!" until he left.

Exclusive clips recorded by my friend in the Pepperspray Film collective will be coming out soon. I'll post this video shortly.

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