Saturday, August 30, 2008

Update from the RNC

I just arrived at Macalester College and am staying with SDS members here in a dorm. Police have been raiding lots of activist locations around the Twin Cities, claiming to have warrants and are also seizing media people who are known to support the activists. Ex.g. a New York crew (who we'd be working with) had all their equipment confiscated last week already in St. Paul, and a Democracy Now! journalist was also detained (apparently while a protester was swooped up by an unmarked police vehicle). Nonetheless, Scary stuff!! This city has turned into a militarized zone so that the Convention of Death can have a smooth ride and dazzle the world with its imperialist agenda, and we the opposition are all targets for trying to expose what this week's events stand for.

This is the dispatch the amazing Franklin Lopez was able to put out this morning at 6:00AM. After the Convergence Space was raided, other raids at houses soon followed.

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