Sunday, August 31, 2008

RNC Dispatch #2

Second day at the RNC, even though the convention does not started until tomorrow.

August 31, 2008
1. No Bombs at Food Not Bombs
2. Saint Paul Police Wish List
3. I-Witness Video Raided
4. The return of Katrina
5. Legendary K.O.
6. Police Action Analysis

But in fact, most of tomorrow's Republican events are canceled due to Hurricane Gustav, which is barreling through the Southern states. The Republicans remember when, during Hurricane Katrina President Bush was seen playing a guitar leisurely, and are now on strict orders to get their act together and not be seen at the convention while the Southern coast is getting flooded and stormed. Most likely the Republicans will not be coming to St. Paul.

John McCain will probably be broadcasting his acceptance speech from New Orleans.

Apparently thousands of undocumented workers are stuck in New Orleans too, who are afraid of reporting to the authorities for the escape route.

The Republicans have been planning their theatrical showcase in St. Paul for over two years, but now that the Hurricane is coming for New Orleans again, all bets are off. Tomorrow's big story is going to be Gustav, not the RNC.

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