Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obituary of a City Banker

As the credit crisis and financial markets bubble to a steaming head, this week millionaire financier Kirk Stephenson, 47, chief operating officer at Olivant, threw himself in front of a 100 MPH express train in Berkshire. Under a mountain of pressure from the collapse of banks, Stephenson, who was paid millions through Olivant and owned a five-story house in Chelsea, surprised his colleagues and family when the news of his suicide was told.

The banker became suicidal during this highly stressful period of fiscal and monetary stimuli which has not yet convinced the banks to start lending money to each other. Investors are dropping out of the market at any price whatsoever because they have given up all hope of making money. Panic-selling, high volumes of transactions, yelling, screaming and kicking, and now, death on the tracks.

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Acumensch said...

If i ever make an ongoing zine i thought about telling the story of crises through obituaries. This often tends to focus on the individual rather than the system, however.