Friday, October 10, 2008

Seed Spreaders Past and Present

In the beginning, English anarchists during the 17th Century spread seeds and small egalitarian communities based on teachings found in the Book of Acts. They were known as the Diggers. And in the 19th Century it was Johnny Appleseed, the flummoxed sermonizer, who spread apples and the good word everywhere along the American frontier.

Today seeds and spontaneity are going together as before, but a secular discourse displaced the older ones regarding human liberation. The gospel of today's guerrilla gardeners is to declare with pure genius that cities are using their lands irresponsibly. Look at all this speculation, all this empty space, all this divine land! Let's take your ugly beauty bark and make it into something we can cultivate. Let's take this patch of vacant lots and turn it into a sunflower park. These walls are looking bare without moss if you haven't noticed.

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