Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Free Market is an Oxymoron

Responding to Muser in the last entry, I agree with you that "free market is an oxymoron" because the status quo is talked about as free trade or free movement in action.

Free trade is commonly set in opposition to "fair trade".

But in my opinion when you study what fair trade literature is saying, it is actually advocating the freest system of trade. They want no agriculture subsidies; they want developing countries trading with developed ones; they want the right to unionize in developing countries; they want alternatives to the IMF and World Bank. As an advocate of "free trade", then, I share opposition to organizations that pretend to promote "free trade" but in fact control our lives. I think the global aspect of trade is positive, globalization is not such a bad idea. The basic idea is anarchist: that man is by nature good, but institutions can be corrupt and control the people.

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Muser said...

Thanks for the post--a helpful distinction between "free market" and "fair trade." Globally, interest in unionizing seems to be on the rise. That's something to watch. Thanks again.