Tuesday, March 04, 2008

From Russia with Angelhaken

One of my philosophy professors, who is also a very prominent Nietzsche scholar, read us an email he received this morning from Russia in which the author proclaimed to be the Übermensch he has been studying all these years. As he read the email out loud, I could not help but wonder who this person was, who implores scholars to visit him on a boat off the coast of Barcelona to study him and learn truths they could not imbibe from the richness of Nietzsche's texts. The letter was indeed an invitation, sent to only one other prominent Nietzsche scholar, and appealed very much to their sense of learned, careful study and understanding of Nietzsche, exactly as Zarathustra sends fishhooks to his readers in order that they themselves will learn the superior truths he has set forth. So apparently this Russian has style, perhaps he is the real deal, one who is not born posthumously, lofty in soul, the most rare of men, etc., etc. If I were my philosophy professor, I would go, but I think I might also bring a concealed weapon with me.

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